Stop Signs in the Lou


Stop signs.  Why does St. Louis have so many stop signs?  Our aldermen and –women seem to feel they are doing their constituents a favor by putting in another stop sign.  Drives me frickin’ nuts.

If I drive on Cherokee between Gravois and Jefferson, roughly 10 blocks, I will hit 10 stop signs.  There seems to be a mistaken idea that slowing traffic to a crawl will enhance business along the crawlway.  Nope.  It doesn’t.  I will avoid that street at all costs.

Problem is, any other street is also clogged with stop signs.

St. Louis also has a problem with air quality, especially in the summer.  We pay more for gasoline in the summer because of federal air quality standards that force a “summer formulation” for gasoline used in our area.  Well, if we got rid of half of our stop signs, we would improve air quality and traffic flow.  It would save me hundreds of dollars in gas costs.  I drive a honkin’ big pick-up truck, so gas costs are important to me.

Then again, St. Louis is a great walking city.  Walk along Cherokee and look, really look, at the gorgeous architecture.  Look at the texture of the bricks, at the ornamentation, look at the window casings.  It is spectacular.

And if you’d like to look more up close and personal at some of those beautiful homes for sale, give me a call.  I’d love to help you.

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